19.8 cu ft (560L) Solar Freezer

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SRCF560 Solar freezer is 19.8 cu ft (560 Liters) and can be used as either a solar refrigerator or solar freezer. It offers perfect storage for homes, pharmaceuticals, farm storage, and as a standalone where space isn’t limited on boats and RVs. This model features a single compartment with two lids, that can operate at refrigerator and/ or freezer temperatures. The removable basket keeps smaller items within easy reach.

To operate, this unit requires a mono/poly solar panel, gel or AGM deep-cycle battery and a solar charge controller. Easy installation by an electrician, or we can provide guided instructions to install.

  • 4.5" polyurethane insulated walls.
  • Light interior lid.
  • All in one freeze and refrigerating thermostat.
  • Operates at refrigerating and freezing temperatures.
  • Interior lights.
  • Castors on each side to aid portability.
  • 2 Years Warranty


Product Model


System Voltage(V) 12/ 24
Type of Compressor DC
Capacity (L/ cu ft) 560/ 19.8
Input Voltage  12vDC
Rated Power (W) 155
Recommended Fuse for 12v System (A) 15

Product Dimensions W x D x H (mm/ inches)

1620*850*1010/ 64*34*40

Product Weight (Kg/ Lb)

87/ 193


Energy Consumption Guide (based on a 24 hour time period)

Room Temp (Below) +38°F (+3°C) +0°F(-18°C)
70 ° (21°C) 318WHR 715 WHR
90°F (32°C) 495 WHR 955 WHR


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