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100Ah 12V Deep Cycle AGM Battery by Rich Solar

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Rich Solar

RICH SOLAR is the leading supplier of off-grid solar equipment for RV, agriculture, off-grid housing, marine equipment since 2005.



Maintenance Free

Manufactured with thick absorbent glass mat (AGM) separators and advanced valve regulated technology, RICH SOLAR Deep Cycle AGM Batteries save you from acid leakage and frequent maintenance

Excellent Discharge Performance

Proprietary quinary alloy plates and specially treated plate grids enable low internal resistance and high discharge currents of up to 10 times the battery rated capacity

Long Shelf Life

Made of high purity materials, RICH SOLAR Deep Cycle AGM Batteries reduce the monthly self-discharge rate below 3% at 77°F, which is 5 times lower than their flooded counterparts

Wide Operation Temperature Range

Improved electrolyte formula ensures stable battery capacity and outstanding discharge performance at low temperatures below 32°F (0°C).


  • To avoid cycle life shortening, it is recommended not to discharge the battery below 50%.
  • It is highly recommended to use a battery balancer to extend the battery service life when multiple batteries are connected in series and/or in parallel.


  • Nominal Voltage: 12V
  • Rated Capacity: 100Ah@10hr-rate to 10.5V (77°F)
  • Float Charging Voltage: 13.5V~13.8V (77°F);
  • Temperature Compensation: -18mV/°C
  • Cycle Use Voltage: 14.4V~14.8V (77°F);
  • Temperature Compensation: -24mV/°C
  • Equalization Voltage: 14.4V~14.8V (77°F)
  • Max Discharge Current: 100A (5 seconds)
  • Max Charge Current: 30A
  • Normal Operating Temperature: 77°F±5.4°F
  • Operating Temperature Range: Discharge: 5°F~122°F; Charge: 5°F~104°F
  • Storage Temperature Range: 5°F~104°F
  • Self Discharge Rate: ≤3% / month (77°F)
  • Terminal Bolt Size: M8 x 1.25 x 20 mm
  • Internal Resistance: Approx. 5.0mΩ
  • Container Material: ABS
  • Weight: 63 lb
  • Dimension: 13.1 x 6.9 x 8.6 inch
  • Recommended Terminal Torque: 109,8 inch·lb / 12.4 N·m
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